General Ordering Questions

All our prices are listed in Canadian currency. Delivery & taxes will be added upon checkout. Same Day delivery cut-off time is 11AM PST
Do you only accept online orders? or can I place my order over the phone?
Our online shop is available for you 24/7 but of course you are more than welcome to give us a call to place you order during our regular business hours.
Is your online transaction secure?
YES, our online shop is powered by Shopify, the most trusted online commerce platform. We DO NOT store your credit card information and your online transaction is protected via multiple layers of encrypted securities.
What kind of payment do you accept?
Our online shop accept most commonly used forms of payments, including Visa, Mastercard, Amercian Express, Discover, Diners Club, Shop Pay and Interac, through the Shopify platform. We also accept payment via Paypal. In additional, we welcome any e-transfers to info@freshblooms.ca
How can I check the status of my order?
You may check the status of your order by logging into your account, CLICK HERE
Also feel free to send us a quick message via our online chat tool located on the bottom right corner of the screen, or simply give us a call.
How can I keep the delivery as a Surprise ? and what information will the recipient see?
When you add a product to the cart, you will be able to select either "call ahead" or "surprise" as your delivery preference. Please note "call ahead" is selected by default, but you can select "surprise" in the dropdown option.
If you choose to have your delivery as a surprise, we will NOT call the recipient prior to delivery and your delivery will be left by the door if the recipient is not home at the time of delivery. With all floral deliveries, recipient will only see the card message you entered on the order, no billing information is provided to the recipient.
If you choose to not include any names on the card message & like to keep it anonymous, please state your request in the delivery note section on the cart page upon checkout.

Will the flowers look exactly like the picture shown?
Due to the nature, seasonality, and regional availability of flowers, certain degree of substitutions may be needed. We will always make every effort to maintain the “look and feel” of the featured arrangement.
What's the difference between each size and what a "good" size?
With each size upgrade, the bouquet or arrangement will look bigger & fuller. We always recommend selecting at least the "Deluxe" size for a fuller look.
Good size bouquet normally starts at $85. If possible, try upgrading to the $100~$150 range will give you much more varieties and a fuller look.
Good size arrangement in a vase/container normally starts at $100. If possible, try upgrading to the $150~$250 range to get the wow factor.
Why does certain bouquet/arrangement cost so much?
All bouquets/arrangements are priced based on the size and the composition of flowers. Some flowers may cost more during certain times of the year while some cost the same year round. Prices may also fluctuate dramatically due to supply & demand during holiday seasons, such as Christmas, Valentine's Day & Mother's Day. Summer months generally have the best prices.
Why are some days blocked out on the delivery calendar?
Our online shop offer a wide range of selections, some popular products are available for same day or next day delivery, while some may needed to be pre-order ahead of time. Each product is assigned their own delivery schedule to ensure we can properly prepare the arrangement that is shown in the picture.
You can always give us a call at 604-583-0020 if you like to request an earlier delivery date.
Can I setup multiple deliveries on the same order?
The short answer is NO, please place separate orders for each delivery date. You may setup an account upon ordering so it prefill your billing information on each sequential order. This is to ensure all the information are correct for each delivery order. You are also more than welcome to give us a call at 604-583-0020 if you like to setup multiple deliveries.
Can I order multiple items going to different people at the same address? Is there an additional delivery charge?
YES, you can also input separate card message for each selected product on the same order and there is no additional delivery charge as long as they are all going to the same address on the same day. However please note you will only be able to put one recipient's name upon checkout. It would be ideal if you can specify which arrangement goes to who in the delivery note upon checkout.
Can I pre-order flowers in advance?
Yes of course, we always recommend and always happy to see our clients ordering flowers in advance, especially during busy holiday seasons.
Can you deliver out-of-town orders? or internationally?
No we do not offer wire services for out-of-town orders or international orders. We believe with the convenience of the World Wide Web, anyone can locate local florist within minutes. This way, you are able to see directly what they can offer and their delivery schedule. Most shops now days offer online shopping.
Can I cancel my order?
We completely get it, unexpected things happens last minute. Each cancellation is determined case by case. General rule of thumb is we are able to offer 100% refund if the bouquet/arrangement has not been made, but we can only offer store credit once the order has been designed & prepared. We usually can't accept Same Day Delivery cancellation due to the time sensitive nature of the order.

Local Delivery

Same Day Delivery cut-off time is 11AM PST. Daily delivery window is between 8AM-5PM, with after hour delivery 5PM-8PM.
Delivery confirmation is NOT real-time. Delivery confirmation email are generally send out at the end of day.
Same Day Delivery? or when will my flowers be delivered?
We offer limited same day delivery if you placed your order online or by phone before 11AM PST, Tuesday through Saturday. If your order arrived after the cut-off time, we will still try our very best to accommodate your delivery request. However, your order may be rescheduled for delivery on the next available date. Of course, you will be notified first before we reschedule any deliveries.

Please note that although we make every effort to deliver your order between our regular delivery hours between 8AM-5PM, late orders may need to be delivered after business hours up until 8PM.
Is there a delivery charge?
Yes, but our delivery fee is very reasonable and we offer a flat rate delivery to most of our surrounding areas. Our driver always make sure your floral gift will arrive safely and on time. Delivering flowers require proper handling and special care. Our drivers need to be paid a "living wage" for good job well done.
You may find the delivery rate HERE.
How far do you deliver locally?
We deliver to most cities in Vancouver, including West and North Vancouver, and as far as Chilliwack with advance scheduling.
You may find the delivery rate HERE.
Can I request my flowers to be delivered at a specific time?
You may request a morning, afternoon or an evening delivery window in the special instruction field upon checkout. We will always try our best to accommodate your request, but please understand this is NOT GUARANTEED. Special delivery request need to be arranged ahead of time, and additional delivery fee may be applied.
How do I know if and when my flowers are delivered?
If you placed your order online, you will received a delivery confirmation email, usually "at the end of business day" once all deliveries have been made. If you like to get a real-time status on your order, you can always send us a message through the online chat, email or a quick phone call.
Do you deliver on Sundays?
We offer limited deliveries on Sundays to selected areas only. Please give us a call at 604-583-0020 to arrange your order ahead of time.
What happens if no one is home at the delivery of delivery?
If you selected call ahead prior to delivery as your delivery preference, we will always wait until we get hold of the recipient before scheduling your delivery and your delivery will be done at the next available time/day slot. If you selected not to call or a surprise delivery, our driver is given the permission to leave the flowers by the door. For surprise deliveries, Fresh Blooms shall not be responsible for anything that may or may not happen to your floral delivery as a result.
How do I schedule an early morning or after hour delivery?
Any special delivery request can be stated either in the "delivery note" or "special instruction" field upon checkout. We always recommend confirming your request with us directly upon placing your online order.
Why is Monday blocked out on the delivery calendar?
Each Monday morning we receive our largest shipment of flowers for the coming week. Hence, we only offer limited numbers of deliveries that can be schedule ahead of time.

Store Pickup

You may opt to pickup your online order at our shop, normally within 30-60 mins upon ordering. Each bouquet will come with a water pack at the bottom and each arrangement will be boxed up for ease of transportation.
How soon can I pickup my order?
We will always try to get your order ready as soon as possible. Depending on the time of day your order was placed, your order can be ready in as little as 15mins (20-25mins for a larger arrangement,), up to 2 hours if we're busy. We always recommend placing your order ahead of time and don't wait until the very last seconds, especially during busy holiday periods.
You are always more than welcome to give us a call 604-583-0020 to check on the wait time.
How can I transport the flowers once I picked it up?
With every pickup, we always try our best to package your flowers (bouquets come with water pack) so it can be safely transported. However, we do recommend bring towels, or other stuffing materials to make your drive even more secure.
Where is your store location?
Our store is located at 5956 200st. We're on the corner of Logan Ave & 200 Street, right by the train tracks. You will see a Subway right on the corner and our store is right next to it with big floral vinyl covering our entire front window.
Can I pick up some flowers without pre-order?
We don't typically have any pre-made bouquets/arrangements on site, but we're more than happy to create one for you if you're like to wait or come back for it. Of course, pre-ordering your pick ups will be a far better choice.
What's the cutoff time for Same Day pick up?
There is no cutoff time for same day pickups. As long as we're still at the store and assuming we haven't sold out, pick up orders are always welcome. Please note to expect some delays during beginning & end of day, which are usually the busier times.
Can I pick up on Sundays?
Our store is not officially open on Sundays, but please feel free to state your request and we will try our best to accommodate.
Can I get someone else to pick up my order?
Yes of course, we just need to confirm some information upon pick up, such as the name of person who placed order, or last 4-digits of the phone number to avoid mistakenly given your order to someone else.

Common Myths & Misconceptions

Flowers are gift of nature and require some attention of care in order to thrive. Here's what your florist may or may not tell you.
"My flowers are dead because I did not mix the flower food in the water"
Flower food are generally used to prolong the vase life of your flowers, but they are not magical powders. Like all other living things, flowers require fresh clean water to survive. Mixing the flower food in your water generally "helps", but changing the water every couple of days & re-cutting the bottom of the stems are the most important, if not the best thing you can do for your flowers.
"Roses do not last"
High quality premium grade roses should last as long as most other flowers. Every now & then, we have customers tell us our roses lasted "A Month", while some complained the roses flopped within a week. Roses, like any other woody stem flowers, generally do not provide a clear path in their stem for the water to travel from the bottom all the way up to the head, and the stems are very easily clogged, mostly due to filthy water. The easiest & the most effective way for your roses to last longer is to provide fresh clean water daily, or every couple of days, and a fresh clean cut at least one inch off the bottom. Remember, the shorter you cut your roses(and this applies to all flowers), the easier for the water to travel to head of the flowers and the longer they will live.
"Tropical flowers are always long lasting"
OK let us think about this, flowers that traveled hundreds or thousands miles for days, and flowers that are grown locally & prepare for sale right after cutting, which will last longer? The answer is pretty straight-forward. Yes, some tropical flowers do offer longevity, but they also come with a heavier price tag.
"Flowers are so expensive"
Flowers may be a luxury item for some, but they are definitely not expensive. There are many varieties of flowers that are available year-round and reasonably priced. If cost is of concern, try avoiding higher priced point flowers, picking up your order instead of delivery and choose a price point that you are comfortable with and just let the florist work our magic.
"Flowers looks all the same to me"
Just like for some, all coffee may taste same and all car may drive the same. We strongly believe there is no greater feeling of joy or comfort when giving/receiving a bouquet of flowers to/from your loved ones. Flowers have their ways of expressing feeling without words.
"I was told to only buy flowers that are in season as they're more reasonably priced"
This statement is only half true. Yes, certain seasonal flowers, such as tulips, peonies, dahlias, orchids...etc, may be relatively inexpensive while they're in peak season locally, but do expect higher price tag during the beginning & the end of their harvesting cycle. Most flowers now days can be purchased year-round at about the same price, except during holiday seasons. Summer months usually offer the best prices on flowers.

Our Products

We offer fresh cut flowers, plants and also add-ons to compliment your gift.
What kind of chocolate do you offer?
We offer varies flavors of chocolate truffini pieces, locally made by Brockmann's Chocolate, a family owned business right here in Delta, BC. 
There are three different sizes to choose from and they come packaged in a paper box with tissue paper in a gift bag.
What kind of full-size card do you offer?
We currently offer a few selections of hand-made cards, designed by one of our talented local artist. Upon your purchase, we will select a card that is most suitable for the occasion and hand-written your message on the card. All cards are blanks on the inside.
How long does the helium balloon last?
Helium foil balloons generally last about Maximum 3-7 days and bubble balloons will last weeks, even months. It all depends how tight of a seal in each balloon.
Where do you source your flowers?
We source most of our flowers locally from the flower auction in Burnaby, as well as unique import varieties from our trusted wholesalers. Not only we offer the best selections of flowers in Langley, our prices are very reasonable.
Where do you source your orchids & plants?
All our tropical plants & orchid plants are sourced locally here in BC as well. We have multiple fantastic growers locally offering quality products.

Flower & Plant Care

Most cut flowers & indoor plants require minimal care, but giving them a little attention goes a long way
How to take care of an arrangement of flowers in glass vase with water?
We recommend changing the water daily, or every couple of days and re-cutting the bottom of the stems at least an inch off with each water change, is the best way to take care of your flowers that was arranged in a glass vase with water. Flower food also helps to provide nutrient to certain type of flowers while blooming and minimize the bacteria growth in the water.
If you are not comfortable or do not wish to take all the flowers out of the vase, the next best thing is to pour as much filthy water as possible by tipping the vase in an angle and then refill the vase with clean water.
How to take care of an arrangement of flowers designed in the green florist foam?
Depending on the size of the container, there may not be much room for the water, so always check & top up the water daily if possible.
How to take care of my cut-flower bouquet?
Immediately give the bouquet a fresh cut and place it in water. Change the water daily, or every couple of days, and re-cutting the stems, is the best thing you can do for your flowers. Flower food also helps when mixing properly with water.
How to prolong the life of my flowers?
We recommend changing the water daily, or every couple of days and re-cutting the bottom of the stems at least an inch off with each water change, is the best way to take care of your flowers. Adding a little sugar "at the beginning" of their life gives a little boost energy for some flowers that are about to open.
What do I do if my flowers look a little drippy?
Usually with longer stem flowers, over time it is more difficult for the water to travel all the way up to the head. Snip a good amount of stem off the bottom and place the stem in a warm/hot water for a few minutes may unclog the stem and provide a clear path for the water.

Corporate Flowers & Discounts

Our corporate partner receives priority support and enjoy top level savings
How often should we have flowers delivered to the office?
Most service oriented business, such as dental practices, law offices and financial branches usually likes to have flowers delivered bi-weekly, or even monthly. Restaurants typically requires flowers to be changes weekly. Most retail store also likes to have them replaced weekly so they look fresh. 
The delivery frequency is entirely up to your business and we will work with you during the initial visit.
Should we go with fresh flowers or an orchid? so hard to decide.
If you prefer a statement piece that is budget friendly and require minimal care, an orchid arrangement is way to go. They usually can last between 2-3 months with proper care. If you prefer the beauty of fresh flowers instead, we can start with bi-weekly deliveries and adjust the interval based on your need.
What are the benefits of your corporate program?
Corporate discount, include benefits such as free deliveries(conditions apply), priority support during busy holiday seasons, bulk purchase discounts, group employee discount code, rebates for future orders...etc
How do I apply for your corporate program? and is there a fee to join?
Simply let us know you wish to join the corporate discount program, we only need a few simple information to get you started. The program has an annual fee of $30, but most qualifying business are waived. Give us a call at 604-583-0020 for details.

Weddings & Events

We offer best values on small scale weddings and DIY brides. We do not offer in-person wedding consultation, instead we provide suggestion & recommendation over phone/email.
How much are wedding flowers?
Wedding flower cost varies greatly depending on the numbers of items required & the type of flowers needed.  Typically, smaller scale weddings without a large guest list(no centerpieces), can be done for less than $500~$1k. Mid-size weddings with centerpieces are usually $1k~$3k. Larger weddings starts at $5k+
I've no idea what I want
Google image search, Instagram, Pinterest or good old fashion wedding magazines are great ways to get some inspirations. First you want to decide on a color theme. Then figure out if there are any flowers you particular like or dislike. Also you want to note down the number of items required. When you're ready, put together an email with as much information as possible for us to properly provide you with a quote.
What flowers are in season?
Most flowers are available year-round, only with certain flowers that are available for short amount of period each year, such as the ever popular "Peonies". 

Please feel free to send us an email or use the form below for any wedding-flowers related questions, we will be happy to help.

Community Involvement and Sponsorship

Our business thrives with the support of local communities, hence, we give back in the form of donation and sponsorship
Who do we ask for donations?
Please feel free to email us with details of your donation request. As a small business, our donation usually comes in the form of a flower arrangement that can be easily auctioned off. We do not offer cash donations.
Do you sponsor any community events?
Yes of course, we have many available options to sponsor our local communities. Please email us with some details of your events and we will get back to you.

Refund & Exchange

We will always try our best to make it right if you are not 100% satisfied with our flowers or services.
I'm not satisfied with my purchase. What do I do?
We're very sorry if our products & services did not exceed your expectations. We certainly love to hear about your experience and will do our very best to make things right. Chat with us online, send us an email or simply give us a call - we love to talk to you.
My flowers weren't delivered. I like a refund.
There are many possible scenario that your flowers were not delivered on the requested date. We recommend contacting us about the status of your order before asking for a refund.
What happens if the recipient refuses to accept my floral gift?
In this case, you may pick your flowers at our shop. If not, we can offer to donate your flowers at our discretion. Partial store credits may be given, but no cash refunds.
What happens if the recipient is out of town for the delivery?
If you selected "call ahead" as your delivery preference, we would either work with you or the recipient to re-schedule the delivery. If the arrangement has already been made, no cash refund can be given, but a store credit will be offered if you wish to cancel the order.

If you selected "Surprise" as your delivery preference, no cash refund or store credit will be given once the delivery has been made. Store credit will be considered if the order is yet to be delivered.
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