Corporate Flowers Subscription

We strive to provide your business with designs / colors that reflect your corporate style. We always use the freshest top quality flowers that guarantee to last the entire display period.

During our initial visit, we will work with you to select the colors and vases / containers that best suit your needs. Your arrangements will then arrive & replaced at regular intervals.

Subscription delivered at interval of your choice. No long term contracts.
Starting at $65 including delivery

Corporate Orchids Subscription

Having an orchid arrangement in your office environment is a cost-effective way to display artistry for many businesses with a budget. We guarantee your orchids will last for months with minimal care.

Subscription delivered at interval of your choice. No long term contracts.
Starting at $100 including delivery

Corporate Partner Discounts

We value our corporate partners and we guarantee to offer the best products & services in the area.
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Why Corporate Flowers Are Beneficial For Your Business

Flowers don’t just bring elegance and class to your event; they bring comfort and professionalism to the room or at the event. Quality corporate flowers can transform any dull space into a vibrant room.
Here are the reasons why you should consider purchasing corporate flowers:

Enhances Your Brand

One of the best things about floristry services is that you can make corporate orders. High-quality flowers are the key to elevating your corporate event. When you work with a reputable florist, ensure that you get properly arranged flowers that captivate all your guests as they arrive at the event. For instance, flowers at a trade show make your booth stand out from your competition.
Flowers are easy to blend with other colors and objects which makes it easier to enhance your brand. You can place the flowers on guest tables at the luncheon, near your furniture, or next to your business signage. People will notice how the colors blend and the style and elegance associated with the event. Flowers make your brand stand out only when you work with a professional florist.

Adding Elegance

Flowers are the best elements to display elegance and style. If you’re planning a fancy business meeting or lunch, corporate flower arrangements are a great addition to the occasion. Every flower placed in the room portrays an air of elegance and contributes to the overall success of the event.
If you have an upcoming event, you can make it memorable by including flowers that match the theme of your event. An eye-catching centerpiece will captivate your guests. Likewise, placing flowers near the stage, adjacent to windows, or next to the podium can enhance the elegance and style of your event.

Improves Air Quality

Air quality at your event determines how happy and comfortable your guests will feel. Stuffy air can turn away your guests and they might leave early. Corporate flowers not only elevate your event but also purify the air. Corporate flowers at the workplace improve the air quality by removing toxins from the air; this reduces the likelihood of headaches, coughs, and allergies. It is crucial to choose fragrance-free or mildly fragrant flowers so all your guests can enjoy the event or feel comfortable at the office.

Improves Mood

Did you know that having flowers at the office or your event improves the mood of those around? They create a comforting homely atmosphere and the bold bright colors make you happy. This reduces stress at the workplace and makes the employees more cheerful.
Flowers improve mood because they smell and look good and an improved mood boosts your health. When you’re in a good mood, you are more likely to recover faster from an illness or injury. People take flowers to their sick loved ones in hospitals to boost their mood and improve their health.

Boosts Productivity

Having corporate flowers at the office or workspaces helps to boost the productivity of the employees. Their nice relaxing scents, help you work better. Adding a few flowers at the workplace can improve the employees’ energy and productivity.

First Impressions Matter

A warm welcome and a positive first impression directly affect your business’ health and how your company stands out from your competitors. Replacing flowers at the reception area as soon as they start to wither shows that you care about your reputation and are good business people. You can decorate various areas of your office to create a positive first impression for your customers, business partners, and potential clients.
You can display the flowers in the conference room or board room to add color and life to individual offices and meetings. If you have a large organization, displaying flowers at the reception area implies that you have a successful company and breaks down stereotypes associated with large organizations. For smaller organizations, having flowers at the reception area shows that you take pride in your business and pay attention to detail which is considered a strength.