DIY Brides

We strive to make your wedding unique, tailor to your needs and
transforming your inspirations into reality.

"Wedding flowers are so expensive !!!" says the Brides. 
"Really ??! How much is your venue, cartering, photographer, your dress.....and your bridesmaids' dresses ??" We ask.
"...............more......" answers the Brides.

As florists, we encounter countless brides asking similar questions like this, but few stops to think what extactly they are paying for. Hiring a professional florist to design your wedding flowers is extactly the same as getting a professional photogragher to take beautiful pictures at your wedding. Pictures taken by your grandmas' iphone are just not the same. In reality, if you have spent hundreds & thousands of dollars on you dress, venue, photographer(s), doesn't it make sense to allocate a reasonable portion of your budget on flowers to accent your decor? Not to mention that your wedding flowers are always the most talked about topics even years after your wedding. And in most cases, your wedding flowers are usually the least expensive part of your wedding.

When you choose a wedding florist, you are paying for the products (the flowers) & services (designs, ideas, skills, labour), but mostly the services. Flower arranging should be fun & enjoyable, but it can be very stressful if you are trying to put all your flowers together the night before your big day. Following is a brief checklist to see if you are qualified as a Do-It-Yourself bride:

- Do you know the names of some flowers? at least a few of your favorite ones.
- Do you consider yourself as a well-orgainzed person?
- Do you have other free labours besides yourself & your fiance?
- Do you or your friends & families have any previous flower arranging experiences?
- Do you really know what you are getting your self into? LOL 

If your answer is "NO" to most of the above questions, we highly recommend having your wedding flowers done by a professional. If your answer is "YES" to most of the above questions; congratulation, you might just be able to showcase your own design work at your wedding.

This page is dedicated to those upcoming DIY brides. Be sure to check back for tutuorials, ideas & tips, style & trends to become a successful DIY bride !!

Size Guide
Upgrade Guide With each upgrade, our expert designer will add more of the similar flowers shown in the picture to make your arrangement fuller & bigger. When choosing Premium upgrade or better, we will add more premium or higher price point flowers to make your floral gift even more unique.